The Muthafuckin' D - Let's Fuckin' Do This Or Jesus Is My Bitch
The Muthafuckin' D - Let's Fuckin' Do This Or Jesus Is My Bitch

1. Let's Fuckin' Do This
2. Love Rockets Of Joy
3. Truths Of Justice
4. Sex With Midgets Is Fun
5. Laziness
6. Shit
7. Homosexually Active (Homosekchuls)
8. Jesus Son Of Dog
9. Allergies
10. Sex
11. Pussy Power
12. Penis Diseases
13. Kid Stuff/Fuck The Police
14. Kid Cure-All
15. Fuck My Kid
16. Prejudice
17. Halloween
18. 14 Lovin'
19. Have A Nice Day
20. Disclaimer
21. My Best Friend
22. Goodness Gracious
23. Once Upon A Summer's Eve
24. Ode To An Intro
25. Ode To Country Music
26. Ode To An Outro
27. Doll Intro
28. Doll


Released: April 20, 2007

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Comments (Please read very carefully if you are considering purchasing.): This is my first official mixtape. It may also be the first ever comedy mixtape. I've been writing for years, lyrics, poems, stories, jokes... I compiled many of my poems and lyrics for my book Love, Life, Humor & Revolution: My Book Of Rhymes, which should be available very soon, I don't really like to write stories, so fuck them, but I didn't have an outlet for my jokes. I looked for comedy clubs nearby wherein I could possibly try out some of my jokes, but I couldn't find any. Being a huge fan of Hip-Hop, mixtapes are a part of my everyday life, so I picked up my microphone and started talking shit.

This mixtape is basically fuckin' ridiculous. It's done in stand-up form with a few songs for icing. Please remember I'm not a singer I'm a writer, so you can expect humorous lyrics, but don't expect Marvin Gaye-esque vocals, I know because I tried. I don't think the vocals are horrible, or I wouldn't have put it out.

The jokes are not polished. These jokes haven't gone through vigorous work in front of an audience to see what works and what doesn't. This is that process.

This mixtape is basically an all-out assault on censorship. Your grandmother won't like it. I know mine wouldn't. It should be obvious by the title and the tracklisting if you would be offended by this. If you buy this and you're offended then you're a fuckin' moron. This being said, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! In the, hopefully very rare, event of a defective CD, the defective disc will be replaced.

While this mixtape doesn't cover the vast spectrum of my mind, like Love, Life, Humor & Revolution: My Book Of Rhymes attempts, it's also far from one-dimensional. There are the usual shit, fart and piss jokes. There are some subtle jokes and some in your muthafuckin' mouth cock and cunt jokes. There are stories, one-liners and just random jokes. There's political humor. There are some flat-out political rants, I can't fuckin' help it. There's intellectual humor and there are fuckin' juvenile poop jokes. There's even a joke your grandmother might like.

If you are familiar, you will hear a lot of my influences on this muthafuckah. I'm not ebarrassed about that and I'm not going to try to hide it. I'll give credit where credit is due. I didn't just wake-up and say, "Comedy, you are my destiny." I've always enjoyed comedy and a lot of muthafuckaz made me love comedy and you will probably hear their influence. Muthafuckaz like Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence, Robin Williams, Dane Cook, Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Stephen Lynch, Jon Stewart, Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, Eddie Murphy (in his prime) and the greatest; Richard Prior.

There are two different versions available. The first version is the original "Raw" version. The "Raw" version is just me and my microphone. A cappella if you will. The "Special Sauce" version includes some background music. The music is composed of simple samples I got from Sway & King Tech's Wake-Up Show website years ago. Sometimes I did a little mixing, while sometimes I just used simple drum beat. I prefer the original "Raw" version, but everyone else surveyed prefers the "Special Sauce" version. I find the background music slightly distracting and nothing should distract me from me. I should always have my full attention.

The songs features are all a cappella. I don't know how to make beats, can't afford beats and can't really rock a beat, but a cappella I can do. In some cases there will be background vocals in an attempt to keep things interesting. Just remember it's about the joke and you'll be fine.

The sound quality is not always great. The whole fuckin' thing was recorded right here where I'm sitting (that means on my computer). I've learned a lot about how to record and work with audio during the process of this project. That knowledge will be exhibited in future projects, but not necessarily on this one. I could go back and start from scratch (being the perfectionist I am, I probably should), but I'm very impatient and I'm already deep into a follow-up or three. The audio flaws are much more apparent, at least to me, in my headphones than through any speakers. The "Special Sauce" version will cover-up many of the flaws, while the "Raw" version just lets them hang the fuck out. The sound quality's not horrible, but there is some occasional hiss and/or background noise. Probably only a perfectionist, like me, would even notice. I just feel I should be completely honest about the product I'm putting out. I don't want to try pull one over on anybody. Perhaps, if it sells well and/or people request it, I may redo it with better sound and probably more polished jokes, but that would, of course, be after I completely run out of other ideas.

Let's Fuckin' Do This Or Jesus Is My Bitch is available in downloadable fashion as 192kps MP3s for a whopping $2. Please don't bootleg it it's only $2. Alright bootleg it, I don't fuckin' care. Fuckin' bandits. Who needs your $2 anyway? Oh yeah, me. Where was I? If you want an actual hard copy, it would be on a CD-R, with hand-written (probably by me) title, in sharpie, on the CD, in a slim-line case with a plain black and white cover with the title and tracklist, I can do that for $3. I'm trying to defy the old adage that it "takes money to make money", so work with me people. The prices are the same for either version, even though much more work went into the "Special Sauce" version. See how fuckin' nice I am? Also available is an MP3 disc, for $6, which will include Let's Fuckin' Do This Or Jesus Is My Bitch (Raw & Special Sauce), Let's Fuckin' Do This Or Jesus Is My Bitch Sampler Hosted By Raul, Phil M. Cockenbolz' Christmas Carol Of Justice & Joy Maxi-Single, Raul's Life Story Of Justice, Danger, Despair, Fornication, Drama & Rapture & Baby Stories The Grown-Up Way. Shipping and handling is $3 for domestic orders and $5 for international orders. That is for the actual shipping and materials involved.

Unfortunately, I have to add 7.25% tax for all California purchases of actual CDs. See how the fuckin' government is? They make me tax my own fuckin' people. International, that's all you muthafuckaz who live outside of the United Stated Of America, orders are unfortunately a little more expensive. The hard copies will be increased $5 each for international orders. I'll list the totals in the purchase information area, just in case you can't do the math. That's not to say I think people who don't live in America are stupid. I just think people, in general, are stupid, unless, of course, they buy my shit. Statistics show, people who buy my shit, are up to ten times smarter than those who don't.

Bottom line: if you like the word fuck and you think censorship is stupid; Let's Fuckin' Do This!!! - D (5:36 PM 3/21/2007)

As of December 5, 2007 CDs are no longer available due to the pain in the ass they create. - D (8:56 PM 12/5/2007)

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